TeamTheatre Earns 15 Nominations on Broadway World

Leona Reyes
2 min readNov 30, 2020

In line with the Thanksgiving spirit, TeamTheatre has many reasons to be grateful this year, coming out of Broadway World Regional 2020 Awards with a handful of nominations:

Best Ensemble, Community Theatre of the Decade, Director of a Play of
the Decade, First Theatre You Want to Go Back to, Lighting Design of the Decade, Performer of the Decade, Production of a Play of the Decade, Set Design of the Decade, and Theatre Company of the Decade.

TeamTheatre LLC is an independent theatre company born out of the desire of a multicultural group of creatives to promote art that examines the true meaning of inclusivity and transformation.

TeamTheatre reflects its multinational dimension in the composition of its team that includes artists from Europe, Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

TeamTheatre has been nominated by Broadway World as Theatre Company of the Decade, Community Theatre of the Decade and as First Theatre You Want to Go Back to.

Moreover, TeamTheatre has received nominations for its individual members and specific productions. The magical feeling permeating every aspect of Almost, Maine has earned TeamTheatre a nomination for Production of a Play of the Decade and one for Best Ensemble. It has also brought two nominations to TeamTheatre member Gwendolyn Snow (Best Director of a Play and Best Set Design of the Decade) and a nomination to TeamTheatre associate Nina Troy (Best Lighting Design of the Decade).

Cast & Crew of Almost, Maine

The shows Golden Girl By The Sea, Gift of Anxiety and Sabbath Elevator all earned TeamTheatre three other nominations for Best Ensemble.
Golden Girl by The Sea — written by company member Dorothea Gloria — has also been nominated for Production of a Play of the Decade (together with Almost, Maine). For her performance in the show, company member Chrysi Sylaidi has been nominated for Performer of the Decade. Sylaidi has also earned a nomination for Director of a Play of the Decade for her work in No Friends that was produced as part of Fun Fast Feb Fest, a short-play festival organized by TeamTheatre.

Competing with Sylaidi as Performer of the Decade is company member Dorothea Gloria for her performance in Gift of Anxiety: a short-play she both wrote and performed in that was amongst the winners of Fun Fast Feb Fest.

Cast of Gift of Anxiety

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