What To Know About TeamTheatre’s Upcoming Film: Bad Juju

Bad Juju is all about four friends who set up a ritual to cleanse their lives of some Bad Juju. We follow the story of four women who live in present day New York. Samantha, played by Gwendolyn Snow, is the leader of the group. She guides her friends as they try to do a ritual for the first time. Mabel, played by Regina Carregha, had her boyfriend cheat on her which is the main reason why her friends decided to do this ritual. Lucy, played by Dorothea Gloria, is a quirky girl who has a disturbing obsession with crystals. Lastly, Tara, played by Evan Walker, is the misfit of the group who leads the ritual astray.

“Bad Juju was written based on the different things that happened to me while I was in quarantine during the pandemic. I experienced a lot of pain, loss, and anger, and I tried to find different ways to heal and rid myself of some bad juju. I got into yoga, tarot reading, oracle reading, crystal healing, reiki healing, and other spiritual things to help me cope with some trauma. I learned a lot of things these past few months and the film, Bad Juju, is a culmination of all the things I have learned and have yet to learn. One of the learnings is that every practice is a tool. Without the correct mindset, whatever practice we may get into, it may never be able to help us.” Dorothea Gloria, the writer shares.

(L-R) Evan Walker, Gwendolyn Snow, Regina Carregha, and Dorothea Gloria

Bad Juju has a very stellar cast and crew. Chrysi Syalidi, the director, is an internationally-acclaimed actress and director, having been nominated as Best Director of the Decade and best Performer of the Decade on BroadwayWorld. Alongside Ms. Sylaidi is Videographer Nick Serafis, Sound Sesigner, Andrew Applegate, Editor, Sangbin Park, and Producer, Russell Legaspi. Bad Juju is set to premiere early 2021.




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Leona Reyes

Leona Reyes

Lover of plants. Foodie. Blogger

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